Workflow pauses if image :saved to s3 isnt valid

I have a recursive workflow saving image URLs to S3.

Step 1 - upload the image URL
Step 2 - Save the URL to S3
Step 3 - recursively run the Workflow

Issue is when a URL is not available (i.e at some point the image was removed but the URl still exists) the workflow just stops running.

Is there a way to allow the workflow to keep running recursively even if it hits a bad URL?

You could move step 2 to a custom workflow so that step 2 is just triggering, then it would continue, probably some other options, thats just the first that comes to mind

Yeah, thats what I was thinking as well but was avoinding that since I presume that would increase WUs.

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I think it would, but only ever so slightly? I guess if this is run very often then not ideal.

What if you just flip step 2 and 3, so the recursion is triggered before, or is info from the save process required? Or what about using a recurring workflow instead of recursive?

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Tested and it works well. Nice solution!

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