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Workflow Question


I have a workflow-related problem. Step 1 is showing the user the signup/Login pop-up. Step 2 is subscribing the user to a Stripe plan. Step 2 is not triggering after the user logs on. Intuitively it feels like there is a step missing between Step 1 and Step 2 which would evaluate that the login took place and then trigger Step 2 but I am not sure how to trigger this. Thank you in advance for your guidance.

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Hey @oscar.elleseff :wave:

You are correct!

The first button on the page should just show the popup.

You need to go into the popup and add your next steps after they sign up.

If you are using the Bubble Sign Up / Log In popup that is pre built for you, it’s a reusable element. On the popup you can click edit element and it should take you to the reusable element. Then look for the workflow that is for sign up.

Hope that makes sense! :blush:


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Thank you! Adding next steps directly to the popup worked.

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Glad that helped. :blush:

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