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Workflow rejects filters that resolve correctly?

Hi, I have an app for finding skateparks. I’m trying to use a repeating group with checkboxes to update the displayed map markers.

My issue involves two data types: “skateparks” and “obstacles”. Data type “skatepark” has a field for obstacles, and this field is a list. The repeating group displays a check box in each cell with each obstacle’s name. When the user marks a checkbox it updates the repeating group, and the repeating group produces a corresponding list of obstacles.

I have workflow set up to update the map’s display. When a checkbox is marked the app does a search for skateparks, and then I want to compare each skatepark’s list of obstacles against the list of obstacles produced by the repeating group, and display any skateparks that match the obstacle list from the repeating group.

I must be missing something very obvious here, and totally skewing my brain because from my perspective I have all my fields set correctly: I’m doing a search for data type skatepark, and filtering the results by checking a field that is a list of obstacles, against the current list of obstacles produced by a repeating group.

I attached two workflow configurations that prove either I’m totally skewed, or something isn’t working right. Either way, any help is for sure appreciated homies.

The issue checker should tell you exactly what you’re doing wrong… but from looking at your screenshots…

In the first image your filter expression is incomplete. The expression value should evaluate to a ‘yes/no’, but currently it is a list of Obstacles (I assume). So you need to complete the expression to make it a yes/no - probably (although it depends what you’re doing) by adding :count>0

In your second image you’re giving a list value when it should be a single value. Using ‘Contains’ requires a single thing to be entered, and you’re currently entering a list of things. So you’ll need to select a single item from that list in order to use Contains (although I’m not sure that’s what you want to do here).

Thanks for taking the time to read and offer solutions. Indeed you’re right, and I got some better clarity by checking the debugger, but still not finding a way to align my logic with the logic of Bubble on this one.

I’m trying to take the list of obstacles (obstacles are a data type) that is produced by the repeating group.

Then I want to check that list against search results for skateparks, and compare the obstacle list for each skatepark to the obstacle list from the repeating group.

And then I want to take the result, and pass it to the map marker list, which is waiting for a list of skateparks.

So yeah, you’ll need to use an advanced filter, as you were doing, just add the ‘count > 0’ to complete the expression: this skateparks's obstacles: intersect with Repeating Group's Selected Obstacles: count > 0

Thanks so much dude! That resolved it. If you ever need any help with graphic stuff holler, and I’m happy to help.

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