Workflow saving tools!

I just wanted to share with some of you how i was able to reduce workflows and get rid of confusing recursion.

My use case is this: (think GPA’s in university)

  • a RG displays several ‘achievements’ for a user.
  • each achievement is worth x raw points
  • an achievement is either scored or not scored using a % value based on defined scores
  • each achievement is saved as it’s own ‘thing’
  • based on those scorings, an additional ‘thing’ is created and saved as an overall weighted score based on how well the user did {sum of all achievements weighted scores/sum of all possible weights}

this required recursion and a lot of complicated work flows and a single button with a BUNCH of custom states.
this is all of them
Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 12.59.28 PM

it took a while to figure out and create. so much reading.

i was able to replace all of that with the following using @Guarav’s if/then (part of utilities) and RG data extractor tools and @vini_brito’s plugin Orchestra

i use an if/then and check box to set the weighted value based on item weight * input % (either the actual value or 0 if unchecked) and data extractor to create a dynamic summed value of the total possible weight (sum of all possible if/then weights [weight set to 0 if unchecked]) and thesummed value of weighted scores so i can then divide total earned by total possible to get a weighted score %

so i replaced 12 workflow blocks in 6 workflows with 6 total workflow blocks in 3 workflows, got rid of that button with all those damn custom states, and was able to maintain the exact same functionality. best part? this works a shitton faster than the recursive workflow that i set up previously. like, way faster

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