Workflow "Select a list of things"

Something I just realized might be super useful is to have an action called “Select a list of things”.

Now I know many might ask "why not do a “Do a Search for” " or “why not hold a search result in a state”, and those are fine suggestions for most cases. But in a situation where you want to repeatedly refer to a list of things to check or make different actions on, this would start to get complicated.

A practical example: Lets say you have a repeating group with pictures. Each repeating group cell has one picture and a Like button. The like button turns white or black depending wether the user has Liked or not that picture, something you easily set up on the Conditional Tab.

Your Likes are saved as a thing on your db, so you create one when the user likes the pic and delete it and the user un-likes the pic.


Now when that user clicks on the like button you want it to either Add a like or Remove a like, depending whether the user has liked or not the picture so the worflow can either create or delete the thing.

The problem is that today you can’t do this with a single workflow and two conditional actions, because Bubble will evaluate both these actions as true and create and delete the thing in the same workflow (or the reverse, deleting and then recreating the thing).

The way to solve this today is to crate 2 separate workflows, one to add a Like and another to delete the Like, which does work, but can get quite complex especially if you add more toggled options to the RG (ie. Dislike, Share, Wishlist etc) or even worse if you need to check if the user is signed out so you can force him to sign in first (so 3 workflows per element).

By having a “Select a list of things”, it would allow the workflow to temporarily hold a list which could be referred to on the same workflow for various actions, avoiding repeated/reduntant searches and the issue I mentioned above. This would allow actions to refer to this list with the “Result of step 1…” option making the app cleaner and more practical to manage (no dealing with find where states are or having to repeat searches).

Does anybody else feel the same way?