Workflow set up - Creating Multiple User Profiles

Im trying to create three different types of users, each with their own separate profile page and capabilities. I know that the built in “user” data type allows you to create new fields and label them as a user. But i’m wondering if this will cause issues when the site is live?

Would it be better to create completely new “data types” for every different style of user? Or would it be better to create each type of user under the built in “user” data type and create fields for each different one and label them as users?

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The user property in bubble is different that the other data types because it has bubble-specific workflows, such as log in/log out. When the current user is logged in, etc. I would not recommend creating new data types.

I would suggest one of two options for what you are describing:

  1. An option set with multiple user roles, ex Admin, User, Moderator and making role type a field on the user. Then, you can use conditional logic based on the role assigned. This is good if the roles are discrete and don’t have overlapping functionality.

  2. Permission based user types. This is a more complex option, but allows more specific tailoring to the individual user. Permission “Admin” can allow someone into the admin area, permission “userA” can allow someone to certain features, etc.

Let me know if there are any questions. I have a lot of experience designing multi-role environments all within one application. With more context about what you are looking to do, I can give more specific advice.

Last suggestion: Use the bubble privacy tab to make sure that the different roles can only interact with data the way that you want to. You don’t want to have a regular user be able to run an admin-only workflow, for instance.


Thanks for the reply. Im new to bubble and still trying to learn how all the features work. Each of the three different users on my app will have overlapping functionality but key differences as well so i think option 2 is better if i understand you correctly.

How do i set up options and permissions as you’ve described?

@lucasbennington I’m a hobby Bubbler and I’m at the point where I need to work on my user profiles. My user profiles are cumulative. Free access to 3 pages, Basic access to more pages, Advanced access to all pages.

Which method that you suggested would be best?

I was trying to follow this post User Permission System - #2 by mikeloc
but was getting stuck here “Then create a flow on page load that checks if a user role is contained for that page’s name.” I don’t know how to do those kinds of workflows.

Also, does auto binding come into play?


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