Workflow Skipped to Step


i have a problem on my Workflow, my workflow steps is like this

Step 1 - schedule api workflow to create a thing (Lower Points)
Step 2 - create a thing Return Points
– the only thing is i need to create a Lower Points first before i can create a Return Points meaning if Lower Points is empty i can’t create Return Points

the problem is it seems Step 1 isn’t finish yet creating Lower Points then the process is moving to Step 2 that’s why i can’t create Step 2

is there a way to wait until Step 1 is finished before going to Step 2?

what should i do?

hope you got my point

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Is there a reason you’re scheduling an API workflow to create something? Based on what you described, there doesn’t seem to be any reason for using an API workflow.

By turning Step 1 into a regular create a thing step in the workflow versus scheduling for creation, the changes will happen in sequence.

Perhaps you can share a few screenshots and elaborate on what you’re trying to do.

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