Workflow slow to complete

I’m running parallel workflow on a field change. There’s around 6 workflow, almost all the same, but only two will trigger according to different condition. What I see is often, the two WF doesn’T really trigger parallel (as shown in the logs). But most of that, they take so long to complete, that I’m wondering if this is normal. The first WF have 5 steps to do and the second one will have between 7 and 12 steps.
When the 7 one run, it’s take for both WF 14 second average to complete. and with 12 steps,… 20 sec!
The first 5 step flow have 1 search actions but the DB is only of 41 item actually. The second flow will have 70% of step that will use search (And sometimes mutliple search) but the DB only (and will always have) three item and only one will be returned.

Is there something I can do to reduce this? Is this seem normal behavior?


Without seeing your workflow setup, it’s nearly impossible to help. It’s no secret that Bubble can be slow, but often it’s solveable by reconstructing workflows to be more efficient. If you can share screenshots or recreate the workflow in a public app, I bet the community can help.

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