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Workflow thing of the recurring event is not the same

I have this recurring workflow of type = invoice:

Now, I want to click a button in the frontend that initiates the recurring workflow. Hence, in the workflow thing I would expect the option “Current invoice” but instead I get “Current User”, even though all backend workflows related (and including) to the recurring workflow are of type invoice.

does anyone know why?

You need to define the ‘Invoice’ for the workflow to run on.

the recurring workflow is run on a list

which invoice should I choose?

You mean the backend (recurring) workflow is scheduling another workflow to run on a list? (I don’t think you can schedule a recurring workflow to run on a list).

which invoice should I choose?

Choose whichever invoice it is you want the workflow to run on (that obviously depends entirely on what you’re trying to do).

I don’t know (and can’t see from your screenshots) what you’re trying to do here… but it seems to me you’re going about this wrong…

Your recurring workflow is set to receive an ‘Invoice’ (it can only take a single invoice, not a list).

Then from within that recurring workflow you’re scheduling another workflow to run on a list of invoices…

So I don’t understand why you’re trying to run this on a list. Or why you’re using recurring workflow to do it?

Without knowing what you’re trying to do it’s hard to say… but I suspect you’d be better off getting rid of the recurring workflow altogether, and just using a regular backend workflow (that re-schedules itself recursively) to run another workflow on a list of Invoices. Or just schedule the backend workflow to run on the list of invoices directly from the front-end.

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I was trying to apply the logic explained here, but your indication gave me another viewpoint in understanding backend workflows. many thanks

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