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Workflow to change a field when another field changes


I have the following Things:

Contact : People
Interactions : When a user interacts with a contact, such as recording a phone call message

I have a field on the Contact thing, which is the “Outreach Status”, basically, it tracks whether a user has engaged with the Contact. If no, the field is “not engaged”, if yes, the field is “engaged”.

When I record a new Interaction, I can add specific Contacts to that interaction.

I need a workflow which will update the Contact’s Outreach Status field to say “engaged”, if that Contact was recorded on a new interaction. Simply put, if I record an interaction with a contact, I need the field to say, yes we’ve engaged with this contact.

Can you just add a new action to the “New Interaction” workflow that does the update to Contact ?

If you need it conditional (i.e. you only update when Outreach Status field not = “engaged”) then you need to duplicate your workflow from the “New Interaction” and have two conditions as well (engaged / not engaged). This way you can run data update workflows conditionally.

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