Workflow to do something each time there is a new entry in the DB

How can I get bubble to show an alert each time a new entry is created in the DB not by the current user?

I tried using a conditional workflow to run every time and to do a search for the thing’s last item, which creator is not the current user, but it runs successfully only when the page is loaded and not each time when new entries are created.

I haven’t tried it myself yet, and I guess it’s still in beta, but it seems like this new feature might offer a solution.

First my app isn’t in a paid plan.
Secondly, I checked in a paid app I have, and didn’t find “backend workflows” nor this option in the workflows.

You need to activate the backend workflow in Setting / API tab

Ok, how about this…

Give it a try from different browsers (incognito mode or not), different machines, etc. In fact, it’d be fun for others on the forum to try it as well. :grin:

The basic gist is that a hidden input on the page maintains a “live” link between the DB back-end and the page by referencing the number of records in the table. A state keeps track of the previous total, and a workflow simply polls them to see if they differ - i.e. if a new record was added - and if so, then the notice is displayed (to anyone currently visiting the page).

There’s a link to edit mode view.

EDIT: To really see what’s going on, two or more browser windows should be open to the page at the same time - preferably on separate devices.

Awesome! I learned a lot from this!

Thank you very much!

Can I ask you to do a copy of this project and let me transfer it to my account?

You can check out my chat app - it’s in Hebrew so you can use Google Translate to view it in English

Do you have any idea how can I add to my app the option to show a text saying that the other user is currently typing a message?