Workflow to increment value by 1: tutorial out of date

I’m new to
I’m going through the interactive tutorial.
We are building a voting system and when the user clicks a PLUS icon it should be incrementing the vote count for that cell’s thing by 1.
It wants me to enter:
“Current Cell’s Votes + 1”

I can’t figure out how to get the value of “1” added to the formula.

The interactive tutorial has an arrow pointing to what used to be a “1” but now is “Desktop 1200px”

I’ve searched high and low to figure out how to just key in the value 1 but can’t figure it out.

Where is there updated instructions on how to do this?

So when you’re editing the workflow you should be able to with your mouse select “Current Cell”
Then “votes”
Then “+”

And then you can just type the number “1” on your keyboard and it should work like that.

It will let you type letters and numbers when making workflows. I hope this is what you’re asking.

That is exactly what I’m asking.

When I type the number 1 on my keyboard, it filters the list to items with the number “1” in it, and doesn’t accept the value of 1 in the formula.


I switched to the Beta editor and was able to enter a value.