Workflow to set a field based on two other fields (7 possible combinations)

I’ve got two fields set by webhooks. One field has four possible states and the other six. Depending on these fields I want to set another field (CC) to one of three states (red, yellow, or green). There are only 7 possible combinations due to the nature of the data. The table below illustrates what I want to reflect in Bubble (first two columns are inputs that I want to reference in a workflow for creating the third column “CC”).

I think I can hack my way through this but what is the smart way to implement this in Bubble?

From the two left columns as inputs for deciding the color on the third column, I’d do it like this…

If indicator is ‘none’, then ‘Green’
If description has ‘outage’, then ‘Red’
Else, ‘Yellow’

Is that what you meant?

Oh yeah, that’s way simpler. I had my head all tied in knots and over complicated this Thank you!