Workflow to update field on change is preventing my button running

I have a text field that is set via a workflow to update a data type field when it is changed. This workflow only triggers once a user does something outside of the text field, which is cool, that’s how I want it to work.

Problem is that if they click on the ‘Continue to Next Tab’ it runs the workflow for updating the field and doesn’t get around to running the workflow relating to the clicking on the ‘Continue to Next Tab’ button so the user ends up still sat on the same tab.

I know I could have the updating workflow trigger the moving to the next tab, but the problem with that is that if the user clicked on any of the previous tabs (i.e. not the ‘Continue to Next tab’ button, then the action would need to be to go to that tab and not to the next tab, if that makes sense.

Massive thanks for any help!

Hi there, @Siddhartha… maybe I don’t fully understand and I am oversimplifying it, but can you add the workflow that updates the text field as a step in the workflow when the Continue to Next Tab button is clicked? That way, you’re covered with the update if the user clicks directly on that button, and you can move to the next tab, too.

Again, maybe I don’t fully understand, so apologies if this response completely misses the mark.


Thanks for the input @mikeloc

I thought the same thing, and that’s how I did it first, but then I realized if someone didn’t click on the continue button, but clicked on one of the four tabs that are available then it wouldn’t save.

So then I thought about adding the save routine to each of the tabs so they’d be triggered whichever tab or button someone clicked on.

Problem with that is that the save routine involves encoding the data so it meant going through a processor intensive routine every time a tab was clicked on even if the data in that field hasn’t changed.

Bit of a conundrum and so still scratching my head.

I guess you could put an Only when condition on the processor-intensive routine so that it only runs if the field’s value is different from what is stored in the db for that field, but that might only be marginally better (if it would even work at all, given that I don’t know exactly how you have things set up).

I don’t think that will work Mike as the stored data is different as it has been encoded.

I just figured there should be a way to allow triggering of a button that is clicked on AFTER the workflow relating to the changed input has happened, as you’d think lots of people would need that ability.

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