Workflow too fast, normal it messes it up the order, slow it does it step by step

I have attached a picture of my current workflow for a working table.
I have found I need to use workflow’s in order to change a repeating groups page.
I unfortunately also have an issue where anything but “do every x seconds” can’t properly update the page

In the red are the workflows that change an equations variables that will control the repeating group page that is shown.
The green is the variable while the blue is updating the RG page.
However, the green action is too slow and the Blue action updates too quickly.
Is there a way to force an action to wait before another one has performed?

Edit: Another thought is… could I update the RG’s page when the value of an input is changed?

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I guess there was an “Add a pause” action that you can add after Step 1.
If the actions are too fast, then try put Step inside a Custom state as well, that should definitely work (but will increase number of customs)

Use “Custom events” to keep the things in the sequence.

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