Workflow unexpected results and speed questions

This is really 2 questions:

  1. why does a client side API call (with API connector) work so slowly, when I know the data comes in quick, due to the speed when initializing the call.

  2. why do two things get updated at once when I am trying to push the work flow to work form back end for the speed?

So, I tried to do this API from the client side. It would work once in a while and the blue bar at the top would take forever in every case. I have no idea why this takes so long, 30-60 seconds before working or failing. So I moved the API call to the back end.

I have things (updats) which I fill up with data form the API call. Each time I call the API, I create a new update thing and fill it with data.

I then take this update and add it to the list of updates associated with the user.

That seems to work fine. But because i couldnt get the client side to work quickly, and this creation of update things happens on the back end and there are severe limitations sending data from front to bac, I created a a messenger thing, and work with two of them, an old one from the last call, and a new one that gets updated upon trying to get a new update.

So, I press this button and I zero out the first messenger thing

Then, if the new messenger is a newer date than the old one, it sends info to the back end workflow and it should be performed at the current date/time

Then I set some states, and then I update the older messenger thing with a copy of the newest messenger.

OK,so I try this. I can see the old data is there:

and the messengers in the database agrees with that dte/time

But if I go step by step, ON THE FIRST STEP, both messenger things change, when only the firs tone should. Here it selects the first messenger, and updates its date-time

But in the data base, both have been updated!


this ruins the constraint I put in to initiate the back end call so it never runs.

So, the short verison of this post:

  1. why is front end APUI call so slow? Can I fix to remove all this backend mumbo jumbo?
  2. why are the messenger things BOTH changing, when I clearly only change the first item in the list of messengers.

More info… the client side API call is set up like this:

But when I press the update button for client side, with neither dropdown selected, the call goes quikly (it uses the dfault values in the api connector)

Its when I actually select values in the drop downs that teh client side call takes forever