Workflow Units & Plugins

Yeppers @ihsanzainal84. Another thing that I find wild is that this (the WU chart) allows us to see exactly what Bubble thinks is a cost component of my app and figure out the approximate (or even exact) markup for certain features, even under the current pricing model.

When you look at it this way, apps like my GRUPZ app are apparently wildly profitable under the current model on a pure cost-to-execute model. Obvs, this doesn’t by itself cover things like full-time employees and such, but then supposedly there are millions of apps now. Asking me for an additional $300 a month for that app is ridiculous.

Need to raise the base price to cover all those FTEs and stuff? Sure, here’s $50. Need $100… mmm well I’ll think about it. But don’t build that into my dynamic cap, because I KNOW what it costs for those freaking API calls, or lambda executions or whatever, and there’s only a certain markup that I will ever pay. (And it’s not 4.7 Million percent, ya know?)