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Workflow using data from RG populated from an API

My set up is that I have a RG and the data within that RG is populated from an API call which lists a bunch of product recommendations. Within that RG there is a button for each recommendation to add that recommendation to the shopping cart. In the workflow to add that item to the cart is this custom workflow:

and the thing it is changing (the Ordered Product) is set up like this:

When I run the workflow, in the database it saves like so:

But the "(data from the api connector) is actually empty.

If I change the workflow to be like this:

It properly saves to the database as Product - Rated Wine (type Rated Wine) is an normal datatype (i.e. not an API connection the way Product - Recos is):

Is this a bug (i.e. bubble allows you to set this up but it can’t actually save the data properly) or am I doing something wrong?

Any help is much appreciated.
Thanks in advance