Workflow with confirm before continue?

Hi all bubbler!

If a have a workflow, customer send in a thing and before it go public to company a will do a confirmation like yes/no and then the workflow will continue. How to do that ? The workflow is already built so a need it like in the 4 step in the flow !!

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how about this:
move your post-confirmation logic in a custom event.
open a popup with two buttons.
close the popup if user clicks on cancel button.
trigger the custom event with the next section of your logic if user clicks on confirm button.

On custumer side is a website with iframe so, this is exempel not working… Tanks for awnser

What exactly do you mean?
Are we talking about a confirmation inside you bubble app? Then you can definetly do this. If a popup doesn’t work for your design use a group and show/hide it as required.

on temp a puse and confirm button on a other bubble site …yes … and then this workflow continues

You can see up her

Ot’s never going to work if you keep all the logic in the same workflow.
At the very least you need to split the logic in two.
Keep anything before the confirmation inside the original workflow, put anything after the confirmation in a separate custom event and trigger it when tge user confirm.
If you can keep the confirmation ui inside your bubble app.
If you need to communicate between your bubble app rendered in an iframe and the parent page then it is a completely different problem.

ok tanks, eny solution ?

One way is using postMessage and it requires custom code in your bubble app, plus other code in the parent webpage.