Workflow with RepeatGroup to insert a dropdown menu value

Right now I am using Users Table to display a list of users and their status using a repeat group. I have added an “assigned call” dropdown which displays all the “calls” that are currnelty marked as “active” in the Calls Table. Once a user selects an option the ID of said Call gets added to the Current Cell Users Table Call ID.
Workflow for Dropdown Menu: image

Now i need the opposite, with another workflow that inserts the current user’s Callsign into the CALL Table “Attached Units”. So that after i can use that data as such image

Does anyone have any idea how to accomplish this workflow?

Yes, this should be easy to accomplish. You may also want to consider swapping dropdowns for a repeating group that displays the calls. The active one could be sort to the top and highlighted or something. Let me know if you want some help with it:

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