Workflows failing


Worflows keep failing on my app returning the vague error: Sorry, we ran into a temporary bug and can’t complete your request. We’ll fix it as soon as we can; please try again in a bit!

In the console I see:
n is not a function

Looking deeper at the console error logs-- i see:
at i (
at Function.e.from_ietf (
at Object.browser_locale (

which makes me suspect this is caused by the recent bubble release:
5/14/21 14:30
Improved locale handling, Internal editor development - conditions tab improvements

@eve can we get this rolled back asap??

Seriously this has completely broken my app and users are complaining. I’ve filed bug reports. but heard nothing. Can bubble please rollback their broken code push??

@josh @emmanuel anyone??

Things have been broken for almost an hour and a half without any response

Hello, it looks like you’ve already submitted a bug report, and our team is looking into this. We’ll keep you posted as we work.

Yes. Two actually. Most recent #15129

I’ve got the same error happening: “n is not a function”

For me it’s happening on account creation. Affecting live and dev. Not sure how long it’s been a problem for.

On the surface it doesn’t seem to be affecting anything other than the annoying popup, so as a temporary solution I’m adding a ‘do when unhandled error’ process which removes the annoying popup for users.

Will submit bug report as well.

Same here - for me loading Option Sets fail.
Guess that is related to the above.

Can we just please get that update an hour and half ago rolled back???/

This is really bad that it’s taking so long to address this

This isn’t something our team is going to be able to do unless we can conclusively show that this update is actually at fault: our team has many projects up in the air, and some deployments take a while to show symptoms. We’re actively looking into this and will have a fix ASAP.

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The timing and console error messages strongly point to it being related to that release. I think a safer software dev practice is to roll back as soon new issues start popping up after a push, and then investigate further after the fact, but whatever I guess as long as bubble is actually aware of this and working on it

Certainly appreciate both the frustration and the patience! We’re narrowing down on the behavior and should have a fix shortly.

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It’s been two hours now. My customers are incredibly disappointed and upset with me and I can’t blame them

We have a fix going through code review and testing now, which should be deployed in 10-15mins provided tests pass.

thank you for the update. i appreciate it


Sorry, we have encountered an unexpected error. Please click here to file a bug report, including error code

meus inputs fake não está somando os RG

Fix for this should be out now. If you’re still seeing issues in your app, please file a bug report.

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