Workflows resolving to the same step even when different

I have 2 workflows on the same button, but they both resolve to the same step. See snapshots.

The difference between the workflow is the e parameter: when the URL contains e, the orange workflow kicks in; when the URL does not contain e, the green workflow kicks in.
The orange Worflow works fine.

The green workflow however, in step2, does not go to the page bjd_dashboard, but rather goes to the orange workflow step2 “Show Popup…”. I checked the URL and it does NOT contain e.

Any help will be apreciated,
Many thanks.

Hi there, @JMA78… have you run the workflow in step-by-step mode to see if the debugger can help you understand what’s going on?


@mikeloc. Yes. See attached.
Step 1 is the initial state where it recognizes e is empty, but in step 2 is it considers e not empty. I can’t make sense of this shift.

It doesn’t look to me like it is recognizing that e is empty (hence, the red Only when condition), so it is running the other workflow.

You’re right. It is not getting the e from the page URL. I reversed the workflow and now the orange goes to the green step 2. I will see how to fix this. I think the e state is not well defined.

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