Working off a purchased Template

Good day, all - I recently purchased a template and am attempting to update it with my present customer data. It is an on-demand application and for the life of me, I cannot have the “customers” see the updated restaurants that I have either created and or updated from the demo site.

Someone please help!

Thank you ALL very much.

Did you add them to both your development DB and the Live DB? Could it be due to filters/constraints on your data calls?

Thank you so much @jared.gibb . I am certain that is it. I have been attempting to fix on my own, watching countless hours of videos and tutorials but it has only made things worse.

Super frustrated but I am staying positive. Im certain it is something silly that I am overlooking.

I can’t even get into my admin account now to make the necessary updates to the data.

Hoping someone can help because at this point I am going backwards.

Any and all help is appreciated.

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