Working out Savings

Hi all, almost finished my mail franking page which is very exciting! One slight hitch though! I’m trying to add a savings stat so the company can see how much we save each much by using franking instead of stamps, I have attached a photo of the current way the RG looks with it’s stats box

I’m trying to make the circled “Savings” box actually work out the savings out of all the mail entries however struggling to work out how to ask the bubble box how to work the savings out. I drafted this quickly on excel and it worked so was wondering if anyone might be able to translate the excel version into a way of using it in bubble?


Many thanks!,


Hi James,

I’d presume you could simply make the text display:

Repeating Group List of Mail’s Stamp price:sum - Repeating Group List of Mail’s Franking Cost:sum:rounded to 2.

That should do the trick.

Let me know if you still have trouble with setting this up.


Maybe I didn’t make it clear, my bad!

We use the Royal Mail Franking Prices which are what we go against, say a letter costs us 0.64, then we look at their sheet and for a stamp it would cost 0.70 so we take 0.64 away from 0.70 to get the saving value. I was hoping to make it work with conditional formatting so for the following;

A 1st Class Letter that is 100g is 0.64 to frank let’s say we have 5 of these. That’s £3.20.
I was hoping bubble could work with it’s conditional formatting so it works out if the entry is 1st class and a certain price i.e. 0.64, then it would work the saving out automatically?

I hope this picture makes it easier to explain what I need via the excel way but in a bubble format.

Essentially, the Total Saving needs to be a total of ALL entries. If it’s a 2nd class, depending on if its a letter or large letter will need denote the price that needs to be taken away. Does this make more sense?

Please ignore this, I located a solution with using conditional formatting :slight_smile:

Can you explain James? I’m in a similar situation

Depends what you’re doing! Mine was to track mail and only highlight cells that was first class red and second class green using conditions, if cells type was “1st” then changing the background color to red and so on :slight_smile: