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Working with a following database and setting source for RG

I was told to setup my following system with a Data Type “Following” where I have each user, and the different fields with lists of the things they follow. For example, people(users), Groups, Companies, Categories, etc.

I’ve had the hardest time with the logic of trying to connect RG to this data.

I’m currently trying to setup a Social Feed RG as follow.
RG will contain posts which was created by a Group the current user is in, or by a user the current user follows, or a category the current user has listed on thier Categories field on the Users Data Type. I eventually want to add to this, with companies and other things, but if I could get help with these it would help.

If I have a Post type for the RG I’m trying to Do a Search for Posts with the following constraints… Post_category contains a category on the Current Users "Social_pref_category Field. Also a constraint on Greated_group, to find this I have to do anohter search on groups, with the contraint Field followers contains current user(I ended up having following for groups both in the Following Data Type and in the Groups Data type, since I ran into a similiar issue where I could not connect things to the Following(its been a headache).

All my efforts are coming up with red text. Is my logic all wrong? Is there a simplier way to look at all this? Maybe a command I don’t know about?

To add more context.

Default State:

  • User will see all posts from all users, with all categories, but they will only see posts from groups they are following.

I’m trying to setup a button called “Following” where they only see the things they are following.

  • User will see posts only from users they are following, categories they have listed on their Users:Category field, and still only from groups they are following.