Working with a template but dont understand where this page is

So I am trying my best to understand repeating groups and how they are designed and I wanted to look at a template to see the structure so I downloaded this template. The invoices page is exactly what I want to see but I dont see it in the page structure. Where the hell can I see how this was built? The top is the page I want to view the structure of the repeating group and the bottom is the list of pages on the template.

IMO templates suck at learning sometimes because they can be so complicated.

Most likely the “page” you are looking for it just a group hidden on page load, but shown via a custom state, URL parameter, or some other way.

So the user still stays on the same page technically but when you click a button it just shows a new section on the page. This way is way faster usually than waiting for the browser to load an actual new page.

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I understand but I dont know what else to use. I can see what I want but finding how is so difficult and frustrating because even the best tutorials are never exactly what you are looking for and I figured that looking at a template might give me the answers I was looking for because I can see how the app feature that I want is actually constructed.

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On the main_page page it is Top Group → Right Content Invoicing

Then inside that is the Repeating Groups :grin:

The “Invoicing” button sets a custom state on the page. Then the Invoicing group has a condition to become visible when that custom state is a certain value. So that’s how its looking like a “page” without actually being a page.

Awesome. Thanks so much. I got it.

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