Working with animations and images. Can you create delayed triggers in your workflow?

Hey folks, I’m new and trying experimenting with Bubble. I’m and illustrator and comic artist by trade so I started playing with animations. I’m looking to trigger a gif or other animation and then as soon as it plays out move back to a static image.
I’m layering one image over another with a button that triggers the work flow. I can trigger the work flow to hide the imageA and show imageB (the gif) but it just plays on repeat.
So I decided to then hide imageB and show imageC (the static end image of that would hypothetically be the end image of the gif) yet now it all triggers so quickly that you don’t see the animation of the gif.
Is there anyway I could delay the trigger in the workflow 3 seconds?
Or is there another file format for animations? Animated pngs don’t seem to work.
IMG_2006 !

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