Working with dates - need help

Dear Bubble user,

I need your help. My app calculates salary based on the input dates. For example, if employee worked 15 days out of 20 working days I need to calculate the salary.

  1. How to tell the app that there are 20 working days in this month?
  2. While calculating salary how to consider this month working days? (considering that working days can change each month)

@nshikhaliyev how come you need to tell the app that there’s 20 working days?
Most tracking and payment apps just look at the amount of days the user has worked and calculates the salary. It doesn’t matter how many possible working days there are as long as you’re still using a gregorian calendar.


For finding daily rate it is required to understand monthly working days.

For example: 2000/16*10=1250

2 000-is the salary
16 - working days
10- actual days that employee worked.

Do you have any ideas to implement this?


For your use case you will need to manually input the number of a workdays in a particular month (or whatever time period you use).

There’s no way to set up a logic around something like find number of workdays since different businesses have different needs.

What you can do is have a default number of workdays each month but leave a way to edit them.

For security, you can create conditionals to disable editing the number of workdays of a month after a particular date.

A manual input is also better in the event of unexpected circumstances that might result in more or less work days.

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Any ideas to manually add working days for each month and then calculate the salary based on the days that employees worked?

Which bubble elements can i use?

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