Working with variable data in a single content type - your approach?

Hi all,

How you manage your data when one type of thing has highly variable content?

I’m working on a new content type, Lab, which is like a workshop and each one includes much of the same kind of info (title, location, date, cost, etc.) but where it gets tricky is that the description of each varies greatly (some have video, some a ton of images requiring a slideshow, some just text).

I’d really love to use one page to make updating easier/neater, but it was getting very tedious to include all possibilities and then add in all the “if empty, don’t show, collapse” rules.

What I’ve done instead is:

  • Created a content type called Lab and I fill in all the universal data there (leaving that variable area out)

  • Each Lab gets its own page but I pull as much content as I can from its data (because I don’t imagine having more than say 10 at a time this seemed reasonable at this stage)

  • Then, I have all Labs point to the same checkout page whose content type is set to Lab and here there’s no need for all the middle business (just the facts and the checkout workflows)

(If you’ve ever used webflow, I suppose the thing that I’m looking for here is the Rich Text block.)

I’m just curious to know what other approaches are. What’s your approach to something similar?

Thanks, Bubblers!