Workload by Activity numbers not matching Workload Usage numbers

I’m investigating a WU spike in my production app and I’m having trouble making sense of the numbers I’m seeing.

I’m filtering for WU usage from Nov 27th (which, strangely, is from 7 PM on the 27th to 7 PM on the 28th :man_shrugging:).

The UI says that WUs for that period totaled 18,223.

However, when I look at the breakdown under Workload by Activity it tells me that 62% of my activity was just 759 WUs.

Is the UI just wrong? What am I missing?

I ended up reaching out to Bubble support and it turns out that the discrepancy in numbers is an issue on their end. That doesn’t inspire me with a ton of confidence, but at least they’re aware of the issue.

Shout out to Bubble support for always being responsive!

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