Workload problem

Hi there!

So we have been getting an abnormal amount of workload units being used for one specific step in one specific workflow.

Basicalle, we put annual data of waste generation and the app will divide it by 12 and create one row in the database per month. There for I need to create 12 rows. Every single row consumes about 3.08 WU excepto the laste one which consumes 33 WO. The weird thing is that it literally is a copy of the previous ones…

What can I do?


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Two approaches:

  • Establish 12 entries as the twelveMainEntriesToBeCopiedFrom and clone them using the action copy a list of things
  • Create a recursive flow to create the twelve entries. The forum has examples of how to do this.

I’ve been noticing something similar. It seems the last function in a workflow is getting extra WUs added to it. Like in the reporting any extra usage just gets tacked on to the last function in the App Metrics. Anyone else noticing this?

If you folks haven’t done so already, you should probably submit a bug report so Bubble support can take a look at your apps.

I did a bug report a few days ago.