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Workload Units vs Workload Usage

Workload usage is not the same as workload units is it? Because if so…

Yes they are the same

Cool, so I’ll have to shut down on October 1st 2024 because this would make my current $125 dollar plan cost like $5,000


…yea… I guess see what’s taking so much?

I saw a post by @Jici they had a drop-down that used like 450K a month

Really stupid pricing structure

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Drop from 4m to 450… so I guess the dropdown was using 3.5m wu/month. ( I say dropdown, but the search related to this dropdown cost the WU… not the dropdown itself)


post your pie and bar charts here - maybe there is some way to optimize.

But yeah, even with optimization, be prepared to pay more.

Ya it’s not going to be much more optimized than it is now. It’s a passion project that I’ve been working on since 2018 with 80 pages and thousands of workflows, it’s a browser game with a few hundred active players. No way I can fit it into bubble’s new price plan so I guess I’ll just have to euthanize it when bubble cancels my legacy plan. RIP :frowning_face:

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yeah…you’re probably not in the target audience moving forward…Bubble can’t subsidize you any longer :stuck_out_tongue:


Problem is, if they want people like me who have high workload usage’s to leave so badly, why don’t they just let us export?

Because exporting Bubbles code is useless outside of being hosted on Bubble servers

That’s why the hot new thing (for us Bubblers) is “No vendor lock in”. So Draftbit, Flutterflow, Wappler, WeWeb, all mention some form of standard code export that a dev could work on outside of their service.

Doesn’t Flutterflow require firebase for most applications? Most of the work the app would be doing would be again relying on a server you do not own.

Firebase wouldn’t dream of raising prices 10X, their customers would complain nonstop about how ridiculous their new pricing model is and how it should be changed.

Then they’d look for other solutions that don’t lock them in…. Wait a minute….