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Worklow - Bulk create API - running slow

Hi! Wondering if anyone has any ideas what’s going on. I have a workflow that takes items from a repeating group (repeating group uses an external api to retrieve the data) and bulk creates data in the bubble database on the press of a button. I use the workflow on 2 different repeating groups which are only shown 1 at a time depending on a custom state. The repeating groups are essentially identical just showing 2 different types of products. The workflow works perfect for repeating group A but runs very slow on repeating group B. The workflow takes about 3 times as long on repeating group B. The weird thing is that if I first run the workflow on repeating group A then change the state of the page so that repeating group B is showing and run the workflow it works perfectly on Repeating Group B. The workflow runs slow on Repeating Group B until I use it with repeating group A but once I do that it works as expected. Anyone have any ideas what would cause that? Thanks for the help!