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Works in Postman but not in BubbleAPI Connector


I’m using Postman to test the syntax to GET data from the EventBrite API. I am successfully getting a 200 code in Postman but the same syntax in BubbleAPI Connector gives me a 404 error. Why?

This is working in Postman

But, using that same syntax in BubbleAPI Connector generates a 404 error.

Any ideas why this works in Postman but not Bubble?

It should work, just put your id straight in:

then you can initialize and set the data types:

then go back and change the event id to {id}

Then you can dynamically replace that part of the url:

it’s kind of tricky to replace just that section of the url:

I think the real problem that you may end up facing is the type of data returned from the api (ie the attendees is a list of attendee objects) how to handle that…

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