Workwave - Project & Team Management made easy

Workwave is an application that goes beyond task management. I did it to solve one of the needs that I have working as an individual freelancer; many times we require help from other people in specific parts of our project, for example design, databases or even marketing. These people do not necessarily need a collaborative tool since their tasks are not dependent, but they do need to be able to receive information about the project, their assignments and, above all, to be able to report the hours they have dedicated to something.

This is a very basic and preliminary version. I built it in 3 days, focused on using native components, and simplifying the design.

How does it work?

  1. You register as a user, a freelancer or project manager.
  2. You add people to your team; other developers, designers, etc.
  3. You create projects, each project has a description, specific goals and which people on your team participate, along with an hourly rate that allows you to report costs.

Project management allows you to assign, prioritize and control tasks.

Once the tasks have been assigned, you can generate a time sheet where you and each team member report the hours they have spent on the tasks.

In the next version, you’ll be able to give your team access so they can update tasks and enter timesheets. It will also include a set of reports.

I appreciate your feedback and comments in advance, I am open to sharing this effort and launching it as a SaaS.


Hi @mariopleitez ,

Looks good, I’ll try it a couple of times.



thanks! this a work in progress, the rest of the features will be ready this month.