Would be amazing for Bubble to release input types for ecommerce checkout

I have hard a difficult time trying to get any of the existing plugins to properly format inputs like a credit card number in groups of 4 and a date split by a slash.

In addition, a phone number input that looks nice would be another major plus, just some ideas

I’m really excited to see the video chat plugin that is in alpha testing


Yes…would be great to have this option for credit cards

I don’t know. It seems like that might encourage non-PCI compliant data handling. It’s the reason Stripe provides their own tightly integrated input widget for submitting payment information. If you don’t handle payment information properly, you just shifted the liability burden from the payment processor to yourself.

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Would that mean using input elements in conjunction with the stripe.js plugin shifts the liability?

I prefer built-in widgets as well.
Less time-consuming. More secure.

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