Would You Pay for a Service to Rename All Layers and Workflows in Your Bubble App?

Yes I would pay - albeit not loads - but would defo pay something… Would pay £100-200 I think as a one off cost to do this… £100 I would pay today - £200 I would think about it and then when I have a massive frustration with some stupid page with bad structure - would pay haha - not saying for sure but yeah.

@georgecollier presents a good case for why you’d get a lot of recurring business. On the flip side, from personal experience selling plugins with a monthly subscription, I have folks who scoff at the idea of paying yet another subscription. I totally get it, “really, another subscription?” I feel that. But, for example, I’ve created some plugins that have years of experience/know how baked into them and are demonstrably cheaper/better than competing solutions. Doesn’t matter - even though this saves money/comes with a 14 day free trial, people still create a reason to ask for a discount. And the recurring cost is usually $9.

You have to have a pretty compelling product to get away with charging a recurring amount that, in the end, is worth your time in development, support, answering questions from non-customers, handling payment processing, etc. Of course, this thing can act like a loss leader that helps you get future work… in which case the recurring revenue isn’t as important as the marketing it does for you.

Interesting one…I would like to think Bubble could be integrating such a feature with AI in the nearest future…it’s repetitive work that I think AI can competently handle. Curious how you go about this. Bon chance!