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๐Ÿ˜Ž Would you want to get paid for projects you build for fun?

Hey guys I have a pretty cool idea. Would you want to get paid for projects you build for fun?

If yes read this.

We all are building various projects to improve our No-code skills. I want to bring this learning path to the next level.

Imagine we build projects and submit them on a set date. At the submission we pay a sum (TBD). Money is accumulated into a fund. We vote on said projects. The one getting the most votes gets paid.

DM me if youโ€™re down. Better even share your contact info here. Iโ€™ll put together a channel and we can discuss details further.

Sound interesting. PM Me

Iโ€™ll dm you right now. I hope others will join us soon.

This needs some more details.

Including but not limited to:

how many times an individual creator can win the pool within what time frame

Who is allowed or excluded


Jared thanks for replying.

I thought Iโ€™d determine details together with the users whoโ€™d sign up.

Now I think the lack of interest may be due to the lack of details.

Rough model I have in mind is the following: Thereโ€™s a deadline when anyone can launch their project. After the launch thereโ€™s say, 2 weeks for voting. Whoever manages to bring more voters to their project he/she wins. Simple as that.