Wrapped app: Workflows could not run because too many events triggered at the same time

Maybe I spotted the reason for this error but I’m asking for confirmation.

I wrapped my Bubble app and my users use it on a wide variety of devices. Each time an unhandled error takes place I get an email with the error’s code and the error’s message.

For long time I’ve been receiving this error from some users and I never understood the cause so far. Apparently, in the cases I was aware of, it was a non-blocking error. The user was receiving no message ( I guess because I have a WF that triggers an email) but only experiencing a glitch. Looking at the logs they were not doing anything strange. Sometimes they were simply resuming the app from background.

What more, this error is quite undocumented. It doesn’t even have a proper code.

Today I maybe found the reason for it. One of my clients had this problem while trying to login when he was in front of me. He was using a very old iPad with iOS 12. Even after deleting the app (including it’s data) and reinstalling it, the problem persisted. The problem didn’t occur when using a more recent device.

Could it be that the reason for this error is a device that cannot manage a minimum of computing power/hasn’t a minimum available cache?

The weird detail is that the above client had been using the same device for more than a year. Maybe the cache of the device was full (is the cache of Safari shared with the cache of a wrapped app?).

If the above is the reason I could trigger a popup to the user asking him to clean the cache or get a better device.

Thanks in advance!