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Wrapper for ios and android app best for

Which is best way to convert my web application to mobile application.

Hello @princepotlya

Jasonelle (free) or BDK plugin.
All info here: 10 min. to build a free native iOS/Android app 2021 :large_blue_diamond:

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I volunteer Thunkable here, too

I jared, as far as I see, Thunkable is like a bubble but for native apps. Right?

@jared.gibb What advice would you give around wrapping Bubble with Thunkable? All I think I want is the GPS location - is Thunkable a good approach?

hell yes.

to be fair to other solutions, you will have a bloated app. probably 40mb or so.

i do think they were able to downsize android apk size a little bit when they switched over to aab BUTTT they still ship their app packages with a lot of unused SDK for some reason unknown to me.

So, if you wanna holler at me via DM, I’ll help you whip together a plugin that lets your app communicate with the thinkable wrapper so you can get the GPS location from wrapper to bubble.

this would also be cool to do as a public project so others can learn how easy it is and stop paying an arm and a leg for something so simple!

biggest cost will be that once you are ready, to publish to the app stores with your own branding/splash screen you need to have a PRO account which is 45$ per month.

you can even add admob/interstitials

use push messaging with oneSignal

tie in super easy with airtable or firebase

the advice tho, is to build a plugin that does the magic communication. it’s the only way.

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