Wrapping Text around elements?

It would really cool if we could drag another element, in to a text field element.
Like dragging a picture or a button into a text field - and having the text acknowledge the other element(s) perimeter.

Since you can put an element in front of the text - the solution might have to be something like a “add element inside of this text box” button.

I would be playing around with it right now for something I am trying to do.
I think another use case would be if a user was trying to create a blog or a news platform with articles that have pictures.


I haven’t seen that design online a lot. Do you have some examples?

Hmm your right, I haven’t actually seen many examples of it either haha…

  • It may prove to be an unnecessary feature.

For a sort of “instant messaging feed” I was wanting to experiment with wrapping text around a thumbnail.
Like this: (found on Google)

This would be useful in a blog setting for sure. The rich text editor only lets you insert images that are hosted, but sometimes bloggers use screenshots (for example) which isn’t usually a type of image that they need to host - they just throw it into their post directly from their local drive.

I’m trying to find a workaround for this myself so that my client (a blogger who uses a lot of screenshots when reviewing software features) doesn’t need to host her own images in order to include them within the body of her post.


I have the same issue with a blog, but haven’t landed on a solution yet.

Potentially being able to upload a file to bubble and then insert it into the RTE might be the answer ?

Yeah, that’s what my current plan is, but it’s just such a disruption to workflow. I know this isn’t a blogging specific platform, but text and images are such essential elements that I’d like for more symbiosis between them like you’d find in blogging platforms (Wordpress, etc.).


Hi all, I’ve had a related issue with inserting an image into a rich text editor:

I inserted this tag using the rich text editor (the image is a random example from Google):


This is the link to the image - https://maxpull-tlu7l6lqiu.stackpathdns.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/rubber-plant-936x1024.jpg

However when I run the app, the link to the image is broken. I found that the link is missing the colon after https, i.e.


I wanted to check if this is a bug, or if I’m doing something wrong?

Thanks a lot in advance!