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Wrapping web app with Flutter

Did someone already try wrapping their app with flutter? Maybe a good alternative for jasonelle. I’m going to try it when I have more time but maybe has someone already some experience.

If you are looking to use a “special” effect with flutter Google product, it may be interesting. But, nothing is going to beat right now Jasonelle 7 lines to compile and make an application unless you’re ready to learn the new Dart language. BDK Native product is also an excellent solution using the same concept as Jasonelle, but with its own built-in plugin.


Already used jasonelle but I had problems with the photo uploader and push notifications, probably my incompetence :upside_down_face: I searched a little bit and flutter should also be only a couple of lines in a webview method and ready, but I will experience it when I have time.

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