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Hi! From an external website I’m making a POST call to my Bubble API to write in my Bubble database some information about a thing (a Candidate). I’m making a POST to https://myappname.bubbleapps.io/version-test/api/1.1/wf/my_endpoint/initialize with the correct authentication and from my external website it says everythin’s good, but I’m actually not writing anything in my database.

I think it’s because either I’m not setting up correctly the API Workflow (I don’t see anything new if I try to “Get data from an external API”) or the initialisation (I’m using automatic detection). The thing is: how can I extract the object I’m sending from my external website?

Any ideas? Thanks!

This screenshot shows that the logic for “Get data from an external API” isn’t complete which is why it’s red. I’d recommend looking at Bubble’s training videos on APIs and also searching the forums. They include a lot of good information, including step by step instructions for this type of thing.


As above, do the tutorial. When you POST to a workflow API you don’t do a GET like in your screenshot. It comes in on the parameters.


Thanks @sridharan.s! Indeed, I’m used to use the “Get data from an external API”, the problem is the endpoint is not shown inside, so I’m afraid I’m not initialising it correctly. I’m going to try a couple more things!

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Just creating a new thing is really simple with Data API, without using the workflows.

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Hey all. At the end I was able to fix it like this:

  1. Press on Detect Data, copy the URL generated and leave it opened
  2. On the external service you want to connect to Bubble’s DB, make a POST to the endpoint (including “/initialize” at the end), generated in the step before: https://myappname.bubbleapps.io/version-test/api/1.1/wf/my_endpoint/initialize
  3. You see the types are ready to be mapped, and now you can use the “detected data” function (instead of “Get data from an external API”) to load data inside the endpoint created
  4. Now that the connection is set, all future POST have to be done to https://myappname.bubbleapps.io/version-test/api/1.1/wf/my_endpoint

With that, everything’s setup. Hope it helps to other people :slight_smile:

Thanks all!

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