Writing an API program for finding a vehicles Make & Model based on Registration

Hi everyone

We are looking to develop an app that will allow customers to enter a vehicles registration and it will return the vehicles Make & Model on the booking they are sending through.

We have the API token provided by the DVLA but are struggling to create the API program ourselves.

Looking to outsource to someone who can create this segment of the app and then implement it.

Look forward to reading some responses!

TIA, Lucas.

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Hello @lucas12 ,
I can help you integrating APIs in your app. I have 3 years of experience with bubble.
Please reach out to me at razaadeel8@gmail.com for further discussion.


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Hey @lucas12

If you would like some assistance you can book a coaching session with me and I can walk you through it.

Hope that helps. :blush: Let me know if you have any questions.

Hi Lucas, just send you a DM

Hi Lucas,

Feel free to reach out as we’ve built similar integrations, using the DVLA API.

Best regards,