Writing platform for college and highschool students

i need a dev to build me a new writing ai using chatgpt and quillbot ideal for students that passes every ai generator. i have many people interested in the project, i just need it built asap.

If you want something that will pass all AI generator detection you better have a hell of a budget…

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you can do it combining chatgpt with quillbot i just want someone to build that ai so it doesn’t have to be done manually because its a pain in the ass

What budget do you have?

Hello @sebastianemiller2002

Rohan here from parshva.io and I’d love to work with you and build the platform. Let’s get on a call to discuss the features you’ve thought of and other details. I’d love to walk you through my portfolio of bubble apps over the call!

Please find a suitable time for a call here: Book a call | Parshva — Idea to startup in 4 weeks

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