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Wrong Error message appear, even when everythink works ok

I have a site called Events. This page need the url, which is a text field in the database used as uniqe identifyer which can be used to share the event. Everythink works fine, but I am woundering about the Error message.

I tried to change the field type to event, but this doesn’t work because I was not able to edit the url field.

Is there a way to dismiss the error message or what should I change to make this right?

Can you include a screenshot of where bubble takes you when you click on the error to fix?

Sure. I got this entrys in the DB table Events.

The error message appears, when I want to go to the page after I created it.

It also appears, If I want to create an internal link:

I acuelly just want to create a new dynamic site of events, with readeble URL. I open for ideas, how to make it better.

This is the way I did this maybe it will give you some ideas on how to approach your problem:

Thanks for the help. This solves perfect my needs. I would’t think about to use external links :slight_smile:

Cool glad I could help - post back any questions :slight_smile:John