Wrong geographic position

I have an app that depends on geographic position. It’s designed to get the user’s location upon loading the app. Up until recently it worked just fine. For the last week or so when I load the app, it sets my location to be in Orland Park, IL. In actuality I’m nowhere near Orland Park, and in a completely different state. I’m running the app on chrome, and when I check my location through my chrome browser, it has my correct location, so the issue is not with my browser. Does anyone know how I can troubleshoot this or should I submit a bug?


I’ve been having the same problems for the last week or so. Whenever I preview, my location is only right 2 times out of 20. The other times the location is well off “current geolocation”. Hopefully, we can get some help on this.

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This sounds like you guys should email Bubble

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Yeah I just submitted a bug report. I checked apps I have that I haven’t changed in months, and I’m still getting a wrong location

I hope yours is now working well too. Seems the bug has been fixed because mine is now working well. Thanks for the escalation.

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I just checked it. Yes it’s working! :grinning:

I spoke too soon. It worked the first few times of testing and now it’s right back to putting me in Orland Park, IL.

haha you’re completely right. I experienced the same thing too, it seems to be choosing when to work or stop working. I put in a ticket and mentioned that you are experiencing the same thing as well. Just in case support contacted you to get the story from your end. Hopefully, they fix it soon because without it, I almost can’t do much.

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