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Wrong line height for link object

Hi! I want the multiline link object (on the left) to look like the multiline text object (on the right). But using the same line height and font size makes those object to look different! Is it a bug? Any workaround here?

Could you also share the settings of each element?

@rico.trevisan Sure, they’re pretty default

Thanks. The only difference I see is the link’s “wrap text when width changes”. That might explain the extra line-space you have there. Not to say that this isn’t a bug.

I once went down the rabbit-hole of text x button elements: . I reached out to the team and they have that noted as something to improve, but it’s low in the backlog.

@rico.trevisan thanx for your help, but unfortunately “wrap text when width changes” checkmark doesn’t affect the extraline spacing I’m getting there.

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