WTF is there no Boolean "NOT" Operator!?!?!?

Quick update: So, there IS a “NOT” operator. It works like this when setting a value:

Some-yes/no-thing = Some-yes/no-thing IS ‘no’

Just to explain what I’m trying to do… As so many have tried, I’m trying to make a completely encapsulated, reusable custom checkbox thing. It is seemingly impossible. It WOULD actually be possible (I think) IF Group Elements had autobinding.

As it is now, you end up with 2 separate workflows. One where a target value in the database is changed by the state of the checkbox and a second which is required to initialize a custom state on page load. (This issue being that, without autobinding, there is no workflow-free way to set the custom checkbox thing’s initial state and ensure it is synced up with the value that it ultimately controls.)

So, it’s not HORRIBLE, but it’s not as easy as a built-in (fugly) checkbox component.

So I’m going to modify my initial claim: What’s obscenely stupid is that Group Elements do not have an autobinding setting. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: