WU Log Peculiarity

Hi Everyone,

I noticed something strange in WU chart that makes it confusing when trying to read and analyze what could have caused increases.

When looking at the last 30 days, you see a chart like this:

As you can see, just over 1,000 WU on the 8th.

Okay so I click on the 8th to drill down into what was responsible for the majority of the usage:

So actually the 8th of May in the first chart runs from 8PM on the 8th to 8PM on the 9th? in other words, 4 hours were on the 8th and 20 were on the 9th.

This makes it very confusing to read these charts in my opinion and is very counterintuitive.

Unless there is some obvious reason I am missing, this should probably run from midnight to midnight.

are you in EST by chance? located on the eastern side of the US

Yes that is correct - is that what is causing it?